Couple Was Startled When They Returned Home from Vacation to a Smashed Window – And the Intruder Still Inside

Going on vacation is great, but there is always that little voice in the back of our minds making us worry about our homes while we’re away.  The feeling of returning home to the comforts we are used to is almost as good as the vacation itself.

A couple returned home to Minnesota after going on vacation and found this.  They were immediately alarmed when they saw the broken window and thought they had been robbed.  They approached their home with caution…

Barry Peterson and his wife returned home from vacation to find this!  A window had been completely broken, and they instantly thought the worst.  In most cases, this is a clear sign of burglary…

After proceeding with caution and entering their home, they found an unusual intruder!  There was a giant wild turkey standing on their couch!

Barry called the police and said, “It’s kind of an odd request. [We] don’t know if [we] should call you or what, but we just came home from being gone—and a wild turkey flew into our front window and is now in our house.”  Watch the hilarious interaction between police officer and wild turkey next!

Watch the full video below!

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