Couple Has Loving Family of 8 Rescue Dogs, Builds Giant Bed so They Can Sleep Together Comfortably

If we all adopted one dog, there probably wouldn’t be one dog left in need of a forever home, and the world would be a happier place.  Sounds amazing, right?

A couple in New York went above and beyond and has now rescued 8 dogs!  The beautiful loving family of 10 ran into a problem.  Their bed wasn’t big enough for all of them.

They didn’t want to play favorites, so they came up with a brilliant idea, and the whole family now sleeps comfortably together.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes found it in their hearts to rescue 8 dogs…

They quickly noticed the bed wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone…so they came up with a brilliant idea.

They designed a custom huge bed with a king mattress and a full mattress.  The headboard is 6 feet tall and the frame is a whopping 14 feet long!

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