Chocolate Lab Gives Birth to a Litter of Puppies, But Wait Until You See the Last One!

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its infinite possibilities.  A chocolate lab recently gave birth to a 5-puppy litter.  Everything looked perfect until the last puppy popped out.

When the dog owners looked at the last puppy, they thought something had gone terribly wrong.  In a state of shock, they quickly looked the puppy over to see if it was still alive…

A chocolate lab mother recently gave birth to a 5-puppy litter.  When the dog owners saw the last puppy come out, they were shocked by what they saw – the puppy was green!

After checking the puppy over, they realized it was breathing, but why was it green?  The green puppy was not only green, she was the only girl in the litter…

They aptly named her Fiona after the princess in Shrek.  Click next to find out the shocking reason she came out green!

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