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Checkout the 30 Worst Celebrity Tattoos of All Time

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Whether they’re deeply meaningful or just decoration, tattoos can be an amazing mode of expression when done well. But despite their fortune and connections, many celebrities seem to have missed the memo about doing a little research on their prospective tattoo artist prior to going under the gun.

From prison-style stick-and-pokes to the strange and horribly drawn, these 30 terrible celebrity tats will make you think twice about getting some ink yourself...

30. Ben Affleck

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Ben told various reporters that this enormous back piece was "fake" and "for a movie" for almost two years. Coming clean in 2018, he responded to a NY Post tweet and finally acknowledged the "garish tattoo."

29. Rihanna

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Rihanna’s French neck tattoo says “flower rebel” instead of “rebellious flower.” The tattoo artist apparently didn't realize that in French, adjectives come after nouns and not the other way around — like in English.

28. Chris Brown

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Remember back in 2009 when Chris Brown plead guilty to felony assault for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna? Well, you may not recall that he has a tattoo of a woman with a black eye on his neck.

Up next, we've got Gaga and the regrettable mess of tattoos on her shoulder...

27. Lady Gaga

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Style icon Lady Gaga is known for her attention to detail and stunning red carpet looks. That's why her less-than-professional-looking shoulder pieces are such head-scratchers.

26. Louis Tomlinson

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One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has an already-played game of Tic Tac Toe on his arm. Strangely, there's only X's and no O's — uh, maybe he was just playing with himself?

25. Birdman

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Rapper Birdman actually walks around with these monstrous red stars on his shiny dome. Notably, the shadows that radiate in all directions from beneath the stars are impossible from a design perspective.

24. Pamela Anderson

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Just like her '90s action-flick Barbed Wire, Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire arm band hasn’t withstood the test of time. She recently began efforts to remove the tat with lasers, but as anyone who's ever had a tattoo removed will tell you, it's a slow and painful process.

And next, remember when this heavyweight took a bite out of Evander Holyfield's ear? That's almost as regrettable as this tat...

23. Mike Tyson

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This distracting tribal tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face has become nearly as infamous as the boxer himself. We can't decide if the former heavyweight is known more this iconic body art or biting off Evander Holyfield's ear in 1997.

22. Megan Fox

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Megan Fox’s back tattoo is actually a quote from Shakespeare's King Lear. The King, in his madness, longs to spend his days with in prison with Cordelia; "singing, praying, telling old tales and laughing at gilded butterflies." The phrase is a metaphor and means remembering a good time, long sense past.

21. Melanie Griffith

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Unfortunately, the tattoo Melanie Griffith got for Antonio Banderas lasted way longer than their relationship. They were married from May of 1996 to December of 2015.

Up next, this celeb got her start back in 1991 in The Addams Family. Ironically, this piece of body art is just as strange...

20. Christina Ricci

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Christina Ricci’s back is adorned with this funny-looking lion. The piece is a reference to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, one of her favorite novels as a child.

19. Mena Suvari

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The better part of Mena Suvari’s upper back is covered in this strange tattoo, reading “Word Sound Power.” We have no idea what those words signify — if anything — and the actress has never publicly commented on the tat.

18. Sophia Bush

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Sophia Bush has something akin to a WiFi signal strength indicator on her arm. If you were just going to get one tattoo and be done with it, wouldn't you choose something a little more meaningful than that?

And next we've got Scarlett Johansson and this wonky little gem...

17. Scarlett Johansson

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No stranger to body art, Scarlett Johansson decorated her forearm with this interesting choice. The actress reportedly fell in love with Japanese aesthetics while filming 2003's Lost in Translation, and thus, this Asian-styled sunrise came to be.

16. Steve-o

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Although the actor recently celebrated ten years of sobriety, Steve-O is not usually known for his wise, longterm decisions. This gigantic self-portrait definitely qualifies as a major screwup.

And up next, Kelly Osbourne's got a weird little tattoo that references her dad...

15. Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne proudly sports this lock, key, and the word “Daddy.” Even if her dad wasn't Ozzy Osbourne, we'd still think this tat was a tad bit creepy.

14. Nick Cassavetes

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Nick Cassavetes, director of The Notebook, has a plethora of visible tattoos. While it's unknown if he regrets the others, we're pretty sure his ex-wife's name is probably a do-over.

But the worst is when a celebrity gets a tattoo with a misspelled word...

13. Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo was meant to say “live without regrets,” but regrettably, it's misspelled. She began the lengthy laser removal process in 2013.

12. Bai Ling

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Bai Ling’s back bears this less-than-stellar image of a cheetah chasing a rose. And while we love her movies, we're not big fans of this tattoo.

And next, Audrina Patridge ruins her neck with this clunky monstrosity...

11. Audrina Patridge

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Audrina Patridge sports this oversized snake wrapped around an apple on her neck. Like some of the other examples of body art on our list, it's not the image that's the problem — it's the execution.

10. Shia LaBeouf

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Shia LaBeouf’s fingers give a shoutout to his hometown, Bakersfield, California. The "071" is a reference to the area code.

9. Ed Sheeran

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Perplexingly, Ed Sheeran added to his catalogue of over sixty tattoos with this piece of two poorly-drawn people doing the wild thing.

8. David Beckham

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The tattoo running down the center of David Beckham’s forearm is supposed to be his wife’s name in Hindi, but it’s misspelled. Victoria hilariously commented in 2015 that, "It's the thought that counts."

7. Lena Headey

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Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s back is covered in a colorful mess of lotus flowers and one bizarre, big bird.

6. Lil Wayne

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Lil’ Wayne has three teardrop tattoos. We're assuming that the rapper knows a teardrop is prison shorthand for having killed someone.

5. Amanda Seyfried

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By far the most random entry on our list, actress Amanda Seyfried has a British slang word for vagina tattooed on her foot.

4. Snooki

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Jersey Shore star Snooki has this very angry-looking winged cat on her upper arm. True to her drunken, reality show roots, Ms. Polizzi was "turnt way up" when she got this eyesore.

3. Soulja Boy

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Soulja Boy’s face is loaded with luxury logos: he's got the Bentley imprimatur on his temple and the Gucci symbol between his eyes. In 2015, he removed the Gucci logo via laser and documented the procedure on YouTube.

2. Rita Ora

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Rita Ora had this less-than-fresh flower inked on her hand. But it didn't last for long, eventually going the way of the Dodo via laser.

1. Angelina Jolie

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