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Thirty-Eight Celebrity Photoshop Fails They Don't Want You to See -- The Best of the Worst!

Magazines have long been in the business of turning imperfect human beings into "bright and shining" stars with perfect hair, flawless skin, and glittering teeth. Even before Photoshop existed back in the seventies and eighties, the press collaborated with celebrities to present carefully crafted, manicured images that shaped public perception.

One major — and legitimate — criticism lobbed at magazines is that they promote unrealistic body standards, especially for women and teenagers. And when images are obviously digitally manipulated, that often leads fans (and even the celebrities themselves) to react harshly.

In that spirit, here's 38 celebrity Photoshop fails that have freaked out fans, caused a media uproar, or incited the star to unload in a social media rampage...

Where Is Adam Levine's Torso?

Image Credit

Adam Levine appeared in the November 2011 issue of Vogue Russia with his then-girlfriend, model Anne Vyalitsyna. And it looks like in all of the editing, tweaking, and polishing that they forgot something...

Um, like, his torso.

Has Anyone Seen Lena Dunham's Other Arm?

Lena Dunham was clearly missing something in this 2014 Vogue cover shot.

It's a shame that Adam Driver was present, able, and willing — and Lena only had one arm to enjoy him with!

Oprah Has Two Billion Dollars — and Three Hands!

Image Credit

In Vanity Fair's 2018 Hollywood issue, Oprah is hanging out alongside a few of her celeb pals.

Some of her acolytes online were quick to point out that the "Big O" appears to have three hands in this curious shot.

And up next, we've got Lindsay Lohan's boney (and digitally enhanced) butt causing quite a stir...

Lindsay's Booty Bubbling Warped the Door

Image Credit

In an effort to accentuate Ms. Lohan's lackluster curves, the Photoshop guru behind this fail overused the spherical enlarge tool around her rumpus.

The result was an especially wobbly doorframe.

Gigi's Arm Is So Freaking Long!


This March 2018 cover of Vogue magazine was truly something special: a beautiful location, gorgeous women, and the celebration of a great idea. However, when your aim is to promote a concept like "everyone is beautiful in their own way," you might want to back off your Photoshop game a bit.

When fans took to Instagram to troll Gigi's unnaturally long (and obviously altered) arm, they were not too kind.

Selena Gomez Isn't Fooling Anyone

Image Credit

In January, celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted this glam shot of Selena Gomez, but the wall above Gomez's shoulder appeared warped, and nobody could figure out what, exactly, needed to be altered.

Our guess: the powers that be most likely wanted to add volume to her hair.

Honestly, I Bought This Arm For a Million Dollars in Sweden


Kris Jenner posted an ad for Flat Tummy Tea in June, but all anybody could talk about was her heavily-edited right arm.

The telltale signs are the perfectly smooth skin and slight blurriness around the edges.

And next, we've got Kris' daughter Kim, who incidentally, is the worst offender on our list and makes multiple appearances...

Kim Fell Asleep in the Tanning Booth... or Something

Image Credit

Kim Kardashian West posted a few promotional images for her beauty line, KKW Beauty, to Instagram in June — but one photo had people accusing her of digital blackface.

"We saw the problem, and we adapted and changed right away. Definitely I have learned from it," she later posted.

Check Out The Bizarre Cleavage on Emily Ratajkowski


In September, Emily Ratajkowski appeared on the cover of the French magazine Madame Figaro, but she noticed that her lips and breasts had been photoshopped without her consent.

"I was extremely disappointed to see my lips and breasts altered in Photoshop on this cover," she said via her Instagram account.

Solange Has a Major Meltdown Over Her Hair — Again

Image Credit

In October, Solange called out the London Evening Standard for photoshopping her hair without her permission.

She subsequently posted the original photo on Instagram along with the caption, "dtmh" (don't touch my hair).

And next, it looks like Burberry and friends have amputated Emma Watson's leg...

Emma Watson's Burberry Pictorial Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Image Credit

Strangely, this ad made it all the way through the editing and approvals process, eventually appearing in print.

Either she's had a partial amputation of her right leg or there's a rip in the fabric of spacetime in this posh London hotel.

A Neck Like This Does Not Occur in Nature

Image Credit

This Tomb Raider poster featuring Alicia Vikander went viral in September, partially because she appeared to have an unusually bendy neck.

And while we're super excited about the return of Lara Croft, this Photoshop fail makes her look like a Velociraptor.

Kendall is Drinking Wine & Digitally Flattening Her Stomach


After some of Kendall's followers pointed out that this door frame looked suspiciously curved near her stomach, it became obvious the photo had been retouched.

We doubt that Kendall's stomach needed any help looking flat —we're  just sayin'!

Next, we've got a very famous actress who's not too happy that the Photoshop gods are trying to whitewash away her true self...

Lupita Nyong'o Gets an Unapproved Hair Makeover


Lupita Nyong'o took to Instagram to express her disapproval with how Grazia edited her hair for it's November issue.

Photographer An Le later apologized, saying, "I realize now what an incredibly monumental mistake I have made and I would like to take this time to apologize to Ms. Nyong'o and everyone else that I offended."

Net-A-Porter Spills the Beans

Image Credit

In March, online mega-retailer Net-A-Porter accidentally published a photo that featured their retouching notes.

“We post images that accurately represent the garments so that customers receive product they expect," a representative for Net-A-Porter wrote in an e-mail. "This image was uploaded to our page in error and the notes refer exclusively to the garments.”

Kim's Figure Is Literally Bending Doors & Defying Physics


Fans are calling out Kim Kardashian again for photoshopping her #MyCalvins Instagram shoot, after they noticed the door frame curve into her right thigh.

And next, we've got another Kardashian who's breaking the internet with their insane photo doctoring...

Did Khloe Eat Kylie's Leg in a Fit of Hunger? #WeirdDiet

Image Credit

People are trolling Calvin Klein and their "Our Family" campaign with the Kardashians for photoshopping Kylie, after they noticed a little problem with this photo.

If her missing leg was folded under her body, surely you'd be able to see her foot underneath her thigh. And if she was stretched out behind her sisters, you'd be able to see it through the gap between them, right?

Mariah's Waist Is Suspiciously Thin


Mariah is the latest celeb to be on the receiving end of an Instagram whipping post about whether or not her slim waist is the result of clever digital editing.

One such user commented, "Photoshop to the max," while another added, "She is so fake. Her waist hasn't looked like that since she was married to Tommy Mottola in the 90s."

And next, can you believe Rihanna got busted majorly photoshopping her bod? And you'll never believe what part...

What's Up With Rihanna's Thumb?


Fans recently seized upon something strange about the thumbnail on Rihanna's right hand.

In the graphic design world, the additional thumbnail is what's known as an "artifact." Essentially, it's a remanent from the editing process. You can bet RiRi was quick to find someone else to handle her digital glamour from now on.

Khloe's Abs Are From Outer Space

Image Credit

Some Instagram users recently accused Khloe of digitally enhancing her ab definition. But whoever was responsible for this sloppy job — they've still got a couple of things to learn!

It looks like she's just come from outer space, not the gym: #AlienAbs!

And speaking of bizarre, alien-looking photoshopping, check out Ariana Grande in this next shot...

Ariana Grande Has One Freakishly Enormous Hand

Image Credit

We're not entirely sure what went wrong here, but Ariana's hands don't usually look like that.

It looks like she's got a regular one, but that the other is 100% a witch's hand!

Oh Bey, Your Warped iPhone Tells the Tale...

Image Credit

Instagram users laid it bare over the asymmetrical wine glass and super bent iPhone in this supposedly candid shot.

In an effort to slim her thighs, Bey's phone got an upgrade not even Apple had anticipated.

And next, we've got Gordon Ramsay and Kris Kardashian looking, well... not like themselves...

Gordon's Skin Is Smooth AF


These two middle-aged celebs look great, so why all the drastic measures? Their skin has that creepy, uniform consistency reserved for Barbie dolls and cadavers.

Bey's Uneven Staircase

Image Credit

Fans accused Queen Bey of enlarging her thigh gap when they noticed a step from the staircase was uneven between her legs.

Maybe it was an architectural oversight?

And next, Kylie is going to insane lengths to get that trademark Kardashian booty...

Checkout the Belt Loops and Pockets on Kylie's Peach


Kylie, your butt and lips are just fine the way that "the manufacturer" made them. Being healthy and happy starts with accepting your God-given assets and flaws, right?

Besides, is a peach that freakishly large all that desirable? It's like someone is feeding her butt steroids!

Martha Hunt's Elbow

Image Credit

Do you think Stella Maxwell's as confused as we are?

Like, how in the world did Martha's elbow get all the way over there?

And next, we've got Amanda Holden's epic photoshop fail and our all-time favorite Kim Kardashian disaster...

Amanda Holden's Ridiculous Horizon

Image Credit

It's like they weren't even attempting to make it look real.

There is a Photoshop feature called "Content Aware" where the graphic designer could have easily replaced the wonky horizon in this picture. This is just a textbook example of lazy editing!

Kim Kardashian's Disappearing Arm

Image Credit

Because of the lighting, Kim's skin tone, and this epic Photoshop fail, it really does look like Mrs. West is an amputee.

But more than likely, this digital faux pas was the result of Jonathan Cheban's unrealistic demands. Kim's bestie is known for his vanity, and as a self-described "Photoshop addict," it's a sure thing that he had the designers working overtime on this shot.

Uh-oh, but Kim's not through yet... check out this next one with her double-chin and crazy hubby Kanye...

The Double Chin That Disappeared

Image Credit

Kim got busted recently when someone uploaded the top picture of her and Kanye at Kendall's 20th birthday party — then later, Kim goes and uploads the same pic. Only this time, it's without her chin shadow and some flyaways.

Rumor has it that she has a full-time Photoshop guru on call 24/7 — supposedly, he handles all of her selfies and social media posts.

The Wavy Curtains Don't Lie — Sorry, Sasha Fierce

Image Credit

Fans surmise that Bey photoshopped this picture to slim her waist, noting the curtain pleats behind her warping in different directions.

Also, her wrist looks a tad contorted as it disappears behind her sexy swim attire.

The Stairway to Hell

Image Credit

Okay, before we even get to the obvious Photoshop fail in this shot, let's go ahead and deal with the elephant in the room. Lindsay, that camel toe has got to go, girl — let's keep it classy, not trashy.

But checkout the staircase and warped floor: looks like someone was trying to add some curves to their rail thin frame.

Kim's Wonky Wardrobe and Curvy Doorframe



In the first post, checkout the those curvy door frames to the left of Kim's boobs. And in the second, that wavy, bizarre hallway is like something out of a horror movie.

In addition to Kim's full-time Photoshop expert, she needs to hire someone to check his work. Amateur mistakes like this one just make you look silly, hun.

Miranda's Curvy Carpet


Is it an optical illusion or the result of a heavily edited figure?

If you really look at Miranda's legs, it's obvious that she's been digitally manipulated. Her thighs would literally have to be the size of Coke cans to create that level of skinniness.

What's the Deal with That Bendy Bookcase, Girl?

Image Credit

Just behind her bum, Miranda's bookcase and patio doors appear to have gone a little crazy.

We do have to give the girl props for the $20 pillow from Target in the background. We love a gal who knows how to keep a little cash in her savings account.

Bey's Left Leg Looks Like a Stuffed Sausage

Image Credit

Fans speculated whether Yoncé had edited her thigh gap or not, namely because they think her left leg looked a little unusual.

It's either Photoshop or cancer. Definitely get that checked out, Bey!

Jon Mayer's Face is a Wonderland

Image Credit

I think we've all used a Snapchat filter here or there, but this takes it to a whole other level. And what's up with Jon's friend? His facial expression looks like someone just explained that no, they're not interested in a ménage à trois tonight.

Maybe next time, boys.

Gaga's Yoga Asana Is Just 'Smoke & Mirrors'

Image Credit

Maybe the mirror beneath her arms is meant to look like that? Yeah, right.

Not to change the subject, but have you gone to see her turn in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born yet? Best. Musical. Ever.

Where'd the Concrete Go, Brit?