Breeders Forced A Paralyzed Dachshund to Mate, Then Dumped Her When They Saw the C-Section Bill

People who use dogs for profit aren’t animals lovers at all.  Puppy mills and heartless breeders need to be stopped.  All they have in their eyes are dollar signs when they look at out precious four-legged friends.

The dog featured here, Maria the Dachshund, was used by her former owners to give birth to a litter of puppies.  The problem is Maria is paralyzed.  They didn’t care about her condition and mated her anyway.  Once they realized Maria needed a c-section to give birth and saw the bill, they dumped her…

Meet Maria the Dachshund, years of neglect caused her to become paralyzed.  Her despicable owners then mated her knowing she was paralyzed…

They wanted to try and make a quick buck off the puppies, but when they saw the price of c-section surgery, they decided to dump Maria instead…


That’s when Friends of Emma rescue stepped in to save Maria’s life and make sure her puppies didn’t die.  Watch the amazing video next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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