Brazilian Bus Station Does Something So Thoughtful for Dogs That It’s Breaking the Internet

It’s amazing how big of a difference people can make with small acts of kindness.  The animal lovers community loves to help stray dogs, but we know we can’t instantly give them all homes.  After all, we aren’t all superheroes even if we try our darndest to be.

A Brazilian bus station decided to help the stray dogs in their community with an amazing idea.  When winter began to approach, employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal knew stray dogs in the community were going to have to fight to stay warm…

With winter in Brazil on the horizon, employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal knew stray dogs were about to get hit by the cold temperatures the hardest.  They decided to do something outside the box for stray dogs in their community…

The employees came together and decided to create a 5-star hotel for stray dogs in the station.  All it took was some nice cozy blankets, a few tires, and some paint.  The results speak for themselves…


As you can see from the photos, the idea is a huge success.  Dogs are staying nice in cozy in their new dog beds…

A simple idea like this cost so little, yet it makes such a big difference.  Imagine if every city began implementing more ideas like this.  The world would be a much better place!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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