Brave Woman Sticks Her Hand Out to a Whale, You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

Seeing a whale up close and personal is an amazing feeling!  Usually, people make crazy sounds with their mouths when they see a humongous whale in the water for the first time.  San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico is a popular place to go whale watching for Eastern Pacific gray whales.

The people featured in the video below were on a whale watching expedition and were gifted the surprise of a lifetime.  They couldn’t believe how incredible the whales were up close!

A group of tourists went on a whale watching expedition in San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico.  It’s a popular spot to see Eastern Pacific gray whales during the winter months…

The group experienced the treat of a lifetime when they noticed a gigantic whale moving in the water beneath the boat.  Bravely, they all began sticking their arms out to touch the whale…


That’s when the whale made an unbelievable gesture they will never forget!  Watch the full video next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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