Boxer Does the Most Adorable thing After Hearing the Newborn Baby Cry the Very First Time

Dogs have all types of different reactions to babies, that’s why it’s so important to properly introduce a baby to a dog.  In most cases, the dog will immediately welcome the baby to the family and instantly become the baby’s guardian for life.

Mom decided to film footage of her Boxer meeting her newborn baby, Malina, for the first time.  When baby Malina began crying, the boxer does something extra adorable…

The mother said, “When we brought our first daughter home from the hospital we weren’t sure how the dog would react. Would she be jealous? Protective? We knew she would be a great family dog but we didn’t expect this!”

Bella the Boxer was hiding under the crib when mom wanted to introduce her to the baby.  It looked like Bella’s motherly instincts already kicked in…

Their first interaction was so precious that mom was blown away, and you will be too!  Check out the full video next!

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