Boaters in Louisiana Spot a Very Rare Sight, Capture a Pink Dolphin Swimming in the Waters

You may feel like you just stumbled midway through a Beatles song, but this is actually real.  No, you did not take anything!  Pink dolphins do exist, and they are incredibly rare.

Usually, dolphins only have pink bellies, but for a dolphin to be completely pink, something else is going on.  Scientists believe it is a form of albinism.

One Captain Erik Rue has been following Pinky for some time and confirmed her gender…

Pinky the dolphin has been swimming around the seas of Louisiana for some years…She’s become quite the celebrity.



In case you were wondering, her skin truly is pink; it’s not paint or photo tricks.

Captain Erik Rue has been following Pinky and confirmed she is a female during mating season…



Hopefully, Pinky blesses Lousiana with more pink dolphins!

See the full report below!

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