Blue Bird Has a Secret to Tell the Green Bird, Can You Guess What It Is?

Indian Ringneck parakeets are amazing birds!  They can quickly learn how to mock our voices, and they are master charmers.  Ringnecks are native to Asia & Africa and are becoming popular pets around the world.

The two brothers featured here are absolute sweethearts!  When you see the way they interact during playtime, you will immediately fall in love with them!  Enjoy!

Meet Gabriel and Fabio, they are Indian Ringneck brothers.  One day momma brought them out to play and decided to film them…

The way they interact is too cute for words.  Wait until you hear how clearly they can speak!


That’s not all they can do either!  You’re going to love seeing their tricks.  Check out the video next!

Click next to watch the full video!

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