Before This Puppy Eats His Dinner, He and His Dad Perform a Very Special Ritual – This Is Cute!

Dogs have an amazing ability to learn how to do almost anything with proper training.  Positive reinforcement training is the best way to train a dog.  Scolding a dog who doesn’t do what you say will only prolong the training process and hurt the dog’s chances of ever learning the trick.

The animal parent in this video taught his dog how to do something awwfully precious.  He proves that it’s possible to teach a dog to have discipline starting at a very young age…

Every night before dinner, this man and his pup share a very special ritual.  The dog is able to sense how important this step is before eating dinner…

The man gets down on his knees to pray with his dog every night before dinner and give thanks.  The pup doesn’t move a muscle and gets down to pray with his dad before he touches the bowl…


When the man closes the prayer, the dog knows it’s time to eat.  His dad uses positive reinforcement to teach him that he’s being a good boy.  Watch the full video next!

Watch the full video below!

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