Bear Was Held Captive for over 30 Years, Has Priceless Reaction When She’s Finally Freed

Unfortunately, a lot of animals you see at the circus are held against their wills and abused.  Circus owners run off greed and don’t care about the health of the animals in their shows.

Over 30 years ago, a small roadside zoo in Pennsylvania ran a show.  Their act featured a bear named Fifi.  The owners never treated the bear right or gave her any nourishment.

Then, one year the zoo was shut down.  Instead of setting the bear free, the owners kept Fifi locked up for 10 more years!

Eventually, PETA stepped in and bailed Fifi out.  When they found her, she was severely malnourished and hanging on by a thread.  They transferred her to The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, and now she has a new lease on life.

Watch Fifi’s sad yet touching tale below.

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