Bear Loses All Her Fur After Being Mutilated by Circus for 20 Years. Then Angels Find Her

The title probably gave you the chills.  This poor bear was tortured by circus owners for 20 years!  The pain Cholita the bear faced is unimaginable and no living creature should have to spend most of its life in pain.

The circus committed unthinkable acts of cruelty including cutting off her fingers and breaking her teeth!  The trauma caused all of her fur to fall out.  The amazing thing is she still remains sweet.  What would drive people to do such cruel things to an innocent animal?  It’s hard for a normal person to fathom.

For 20 years Chulita the bear was tortured by the circus.

They mutilated her body.  Here you can see they cut off her claws.

She lived in a tiny metal cage.

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