Baby Laughs So Hard He Can Barely Catch His Breath, Yes, The Dog Is That Silly! [Watch Here]

When babies and dogs get together, they party like rockstars.  The amount of laughter alone is contagious, and the sight is a beautiful one.  One we can all cherish.  Animal lovers know how important it is to raise a dog and baby together.  Dogs are the best protectors of our babies.

The dog in this video below named Pumpkin has a ton of energy to spare.  She ran around her brother in circles knowing he was loving every second of it.  The baby’s laughter is contagious!

When babies and dogs get together, it makes for a beautiful sight everyone can love.  The baby and dog duo featured here are sure to put a smile on your face!

The cutie pie dog is named Pumpkin.  She was full of energy one afternoon and decided to play with her baby brother.  He couldn’t help himself but laugh…

He got such a kick out of the dog that he could barely breathe!  If you’re in need of a smile, check out the video next!  It’s sure to please!

Watch the full video below!

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