AWW! Watch This Vet Cradle a Scared Puppy After His Surgery

There’s a big difference between a vet and a doctor.  Not to diss doctors, but a lot of them don’t truly care about their patients.  They studied to feel accomplished and make some big bucks at the end of the tunnel.  Vets, on the other hand, are usually animals lovers.

The dog featured in this video named Meesha had just been spayed at the vet’s office.  After her surgery, she woke up disoriented, confused, and afraid.  That’s when the vet did something special for her…

After Meesha the dog underwent surgery to get spayed, she woke up feeling confused, scared, and disoriented…

When the vet saw she was afraid, he began cradling her and showering her with hugs & kisses…


This vet proves how much vets care about our pets and are animal lovers themselves.  Soon after, Meesha was adopted and moved into a forever home!  Watch the full video next!

Watch the full video below!

Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

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