Attention-Seeking Great Dane Does the Most Hilarious Thing to Get His Owner’s Attention, You’ll Love It!

Great Danes may be one of the largest dog breeds, but they are usually big babies who are full of love.  If there is one thing dog’s love more than anything else, it’s attention.  Our dogs will quickly become anxious or sad if we ignore them.  That’s why we have daily hugfests with our dogs to ensure they know we love them.

The Great Dane in this video named Dinky became jealous when he saw his owner petting the other Great Dane in the family.  Dinky began throwing a tantrum and begging for his daddy’s hand.  You’ll love it!

A Great Dane named Dinky became jealous when he saw his owner giving all of his attention to the other Great Dane in the family…

Dinky started throwing a tantrum because he wanted to be the one receiving a rubdown from dad.  When he didn’t get his way, he threw the silliest tantrum…


The look on Dinky’s face says it all.  It’s as if his whole world just ended after dad wouldn’t give him all the attention.  The full video is too cute!  Check it out next!

Watch the full video below!

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