Photos of Animals Who Came By to Say Hello And Ended Up Making a BIG Impression – You Won’t Believe This!

We all see animals in the yard from time to time or even at our back doors if they smell food cooking.  Our dogs love to chase small animals in the backyard.  There are all types of animal interactions going down on a daily basis.  Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of interspecies duos that are doing a good job breaking the internet.

What you are about to see are unlikely combinations of animals mixed with animals who just wanted to come say “Hello.”  You’ll be surprised when you see all of these wonderful photos.  Enjoy!

This deer and cat formed an unlikely bond.  Every morning the deer comes to visit the cat.

A family fed a stray kitten, then this group of cutie pies showed up at the door.

Raccoons love to come around our porches at night.  This particular raccoon is making himself right at home.

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