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All These Photos Have a Creepy Surprise Hidden in the Background...

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One unintended consequence of the digital age is the constantly-growing library of photos on our smart phones, laptops, and social media accounts. No longer tethered to expensive rolls of film, we're able to snap until our heart's content.

But in going back through all the shots that didn't make the Facebook cut, you might find something interesting lurking in the background. From creepy stalkers hiding in the shadows to couples caught red-handed, these 20 pics are guaranteed to make you laugh, totally freak, or at the very least squirm a little in your seat...

20. My Sister Is Gonna Kill Me — Literally

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Although it's difficult to ascertain the relationship between the two girls, the good money says that they're sisters and not exactly on the best of terms.

From the crazed look in the brunette's eyes, you can bet that a serious catfight went down after this selfie got saved.

19. Girl, Get Outta There!

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Just who or what is that red-faced menace lurking in the tropical foliage?

We're pretty sure that's either the devil himself, one of his supernatural henchmen, or at the minimum a crazy masked weirdo. Any which way you slice it, we just want to yell to the young lady in the picture, "Girl, get outta there!"

18. All Aboard the Panda Express!

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While we wish we could say we knew who took this picture or even where the image was taken, it came to us without any description or backstory. And because of the shot's questionable pedigree, we think it's all the more interesting.

Is a panda actually driving this van? One day you're eating bamboo shoots in the forest, and the next you're driving a taxi in downtown Tokyo. That's just how life is sometimes!

Up next, we've got a super spooky snapshot from a storage room! This one is a real creeper, y'all...

17. Jeepers Creepers Is Hiding in Our Storage Room

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While it might take you a few minutes to notice Robert Halford, once you do, you won't be able to un-see him. When his sister Janice opened the door to her parent's backyard storage shed, she had a very strange feeling.

About that time, her brother Rob jumped out from his hiding spot and scared the wits out of Janice. He had been waiting in the cramped darkness for fifteen minutes.

16. The Kids Will Be Fine

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Truth be told, moms and dads of the modern era are under-appreciated, over-worked, and perpetually stressed. Well, apparently these moms have figured out exactly how to chill, enjoy some well-deserved Starbucks, and let their hair down.

Although their method is unconventional, they do seem to be having a lovely time. Ladies, just don't let Child Protective Services get ahold of this picture!

15. Those Stairs Came Out of Nowhere!

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When Abel Hernandez decided to attend a costume party at his brother's frat house back in 2005, he knew he was in for a good time. But when he looked at all the crazy photos the following afternoon, this one stood out as particularly entertaining.

"I was really hung over, but this one made me laugh out loud," he said. "What's funny is we didn't even know she fell when we were taking the pictures. It was so loud in there."

14. Hold Up! There's a Strange Dude in that Plant...

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Alex Poe, Ethan McDaniels, and Parker Sorensen were having a blast at their freshmen mixer costume party. But out of all the costumed University of Texas students, the plant with the bad attitude really made the picture.

"We're not sure who that guy is, but he looks like one pissed-off shrub," said McDaniels.

Up next, a dad gets busted with something a little extra in his shopping bag...

13. Daddy Has Something Naughty in His Shopping Bag

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Unfortunately for boob-loving dads everywhere, most shopping bags are made of razor-thin, see through plastic these days. And in this case, it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

And while the photographer was ecstatic to get a shot of this professional athlete with his son, the true thrill was realizing what else the photo had captured.

12. Somebody Explain to This Guy How Reflections Work

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Eric Banta just wanted to make a copy of his old high school graduation photo to upload to his Facebook account, so when he quickly snapped this shot and hit send, he didn't think anything of it.

It wasn't until around lunch time at work that he checked his social media notifications. When he saw that he had over a hundred messages in his inbox, he knew he had made a mistake.

And next, a high school football game becomes a "hands on" experience...

11. Girl Get Your Hand off of That!

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From the drunken, hand-holding couple in the foreground to the enormous cup of Tecate beer, this photo just screams alcohol-induced debauchery. But leave it to the chick in the background to take college-age flirtation to the next level.

We can't decide if her male companion is happy, just wasted, or really uncomfortable.

10. Even the Microsoft CEO Hates Windows

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When Bill Gates decided to retire and focus on his philanthropy, he left the day-to-day operations of Microsoft to Steve Ballmer. It was this guy's lack of vision that allowed Apple and Google to dominate the 21st century of tech.

And speaking of Apple, from this epic photo fail it's clear that even Microsoft royalty know which platform is superior. From a public relations perspective, you would think someone would have had the temerity to stick a piece of duct tape over the glowing Apple logo!

But this next one is definitely our personal favorite...

9. Something Was Lost in Translation

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When English is your second language, there are going to be times when a particular idiom is lost or a phrase doesn't translate correctly.

And this Indian school's motto, "Giving Great Head Since 2009," is a perfect example of that.

8. Um, guys... There's a Lamb in the Classroom

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Peering out from underneath the desk is a cute, cuddly lamb and she couldn't be more out of place. While the humans patiently follow along with the professor's equation on the dry erase board, one little chemistry student is happy to nap and chew her cud.

We've heard of people bringing their dogs to class before, but this is truly a first.

And next, well, that's one nice looking piece of...

7. The Mirror Has Two Faces

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Although the origins of his photo are a mystery, the reflection captured in the makeup mirror is not. I think everyone is pretty clear on just what that is...

It's not to say that we all haven't taken a revealing selfie before, because we have... it's just that none of mine have ended up on the internet... Yet.

6. Somebody Wake That Cat Up!

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Christina Morris has found her cat Dodger in some pretty bizarre places over the years. But when she was getting ready to leave for the office one morning in June, she couldn't help but laugh at Dodger's obliviousness.

"To be on the safe side, I stopped letting him in the garage," Morris said.

Up next, a politician literally takes a photo of his killer...

5. A Politician Captures His Own Assassination

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Filippino politician Reynaldo Dagsa was taking a picture of his daughter, wife, and mother-in-law when he captured something else: the visage of the gang member who was about to end his life.

Sadly, Dagsa passed away at the scene, but his three relatives were not harmed.

4. Niagara Falls Fail

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In this photo, Japanese student Ayano Tokumasu can be seen in the background, seemingly enjoying the beauty of Niagara Falls.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Seconds after this photo was taken, the mentally disturbed student jumped to her death.

3. The Final Photo of Robin Williams

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This is the last photo taken of comedic legend Robin Williams, snapped with a fan a day before he took his own life. Williams had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression, and a recent diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia may have contributed to his mental state.

"He was so sweet," said the Dairy Queen employee in the photo. "He gave me a hug afterwards and a big tip."

2. Rick Astley Is Alive and Well at Barnes & Noble

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Singer Rick Astley had one of the biggest hits of 1987 with his jam "Never Going to Give You Up," and for a fan at a local bookstore, the eighties are definitely coming back in style.

Although we're not 100% positive that these lyrics were intentionally displayed, it sure would be a monumental coincidence if they weren't.

1. Can You See the Slippery Serpent in This One?

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