After Reading This You Will Never Sleep Without Your Dog Again!

A lot of dog lovers out there are probably on the fence about letting their dogs sleep in their beds.  It’s not always fun to listen to a snoring animal or wake up with hair in your mouth.

Well, science says these small inconveniences are outweighed by the amazing benefits a person reaps from sleeping alongside their best friends.  You’ll love what you’re about to read!

Dogs make us healthier.  Studies performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute of Health found that dogs reduce the risk of heart disease.  If someone in your family suffered from a heart attack, get a dog in their bed ASAP!

Dogs help us sleep better.  People suffering from insomnia say having their dogs in bed helps them fall asleep.  Additionally, dogs are soft, warm, and cozy.  So much better than just a blanket!


Dogs make us feel safe.  If you live alone, having a dog in bed will always make you feel safer.  Dogs can sense danger before humans and will do everything to protect us.

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