After Momma Dog Gave Birth, Poppa Dog Showered Her with Love & Kisses [WATCH HERE]

When it comes to procreating and giving birth, females carry most of the load.  The only thing the male needs to do is show up.  Birth can be very traumatic for dogs just like humans.  After this German Sheperd gave birth, she was completely immobile.

The only thing she could do was lay down and allow her pups to nurse.  Poppa dog felt bad and could feel her pain.  That’s when he came over to give her all the love in his little doggie heart…

A mother German Shepherd was immobile after giving birth to her pups.  The only thing she could do was lay there and allow her hungry pups to nurse…

When poppa dog saw her in pain, he came over to show his appreciation.  What he did proves how much dogs care about each other…


He began showering her with kisses and affection.  Meanwhile, the puppies filled their stomachs up.  Watch their amazing bond next!

Watch the full video below!

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