After a Recovering Addict Adopted a Dog from the Euthanasia List, She Refused to Look at Him!

One amazing thing about saving dogs is sometimes they return the favor by saving us too.  In the animal community, this is known as a “mutual rescue.”

Meet P.J. and his dog, Clove.  P.J. is a recovering addict; he made the decision to begin a journey to conquer his addiction.  This is what led him to adopt a dog.  When he first found Clove, he found out she had nearly been euthanized twice!  At first, she wouldn’t even look at him, but then everything began to change…

Meet P.J. and Clove, he is a recovering addict, and she is a dog who was nearly euthanized twice.  When P.J. first adopted Clove, she wouldn’t even look at him…

P.J. decided to start going on epic journeys through the woods and different terrains to conquer his drug addiction.  That’s when he found out how much Clove loves to hike!

She went from not looking at him to falling in love with him after their adventures together.  See them in action together next, it’s amazing!

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