After a Baby Raccoon Experienced a Tragic Loss an Unlikely Hero Stepped in to Save the Day!

Of all the interspecies relationships floating around the internet, this one may be the most unlikely of the bunch.  Dogs are known for chasing raccoons out of the yard.  Raccoons aren’t the only animals dogs love chasing, squirrels another one of their favorites.

When Jonathan the raccoon’s mother was hit by a car, he was left stranded as a baby.  Soon after, rescuers found him…

Meet Jonathan the raccoon and his friend Roxy.  Unfortunately, Jonathan’s mother died after being hit by a car leaving baby Jonathan stranded…

Luckily, a family found him and decided to give him shelter.  It didn’t take long before they realized Jonathan would become a permanent resident!

The family dog, Roxy, and Jonathan became best pals.  Watch them in action together next!

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