After a 92-Year-Old Woman Lost Her Husband, An Unexpected Guest Changed Her Life Forever

One of the most difficult transitions for seniors is moving on after losing their beloved spouses.  Before modern times, husbands and wives lived nearly their entire lives together and stuck by each other’s sides through thick and thin.

A woman named Sally Rewehooem moved from Holland to the United States in 1953.  After losing her husband in 1990, Sally understandably became lonely.  Then one day the neighbors changed everything for Sally…

Meet Sally Rewehooem, she moved from Holland to the United States in 1953.  In 1990, she lost her husband and became very lonely…

Then one day, everything changed for Sally.  The neighbor’s Saint Bernard puppy, Brody, decided to pay her a visit.  They instantly fell in love!

Brody’s owners say he follows her around whenever she is outside in the garden.  Sally grew up around dogs, and Brody breathed spirit back into her life by making her feel like a child again.  Watch their heartwarming video together next!

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