Abused Dog Is Chained Outside in the Freezing Cold for 4 Years. Then an Angel Shows Up

Animal abuse is an unstoppable evil force in this world.  The only thing people can do is help minimize it.  Every dog’s life matters and the good people helping to save the nearly 1 million dogs abused each year are amazing people.  They dedicate their valuable time to help mitigate this awful problem.  Hats off to them.  Hopefully, they can inspire you to help too.  The more people who make an effort to end animal abuse the better!

You are about to meet Diesel.  He lived four years of his life chained up outside in Yukon.  In the Yukon, temperatures can reach -40 degrees during winter months.  When Animal Advocates found Diesel, he was in rough shape.

When rescuers found diesel, he had broken teeth and a split tongue from a horse kick to the face.  There was also a nasty, untreated wound on his shoulder.  Rescuers believe he was attacked by another dog.  His owner wanted to shoot the poor guy because he didn’t want to “care” for him.

Thankfully, rescuers arrived on the scene before Diesel’s owner made any rash decisions.  They flew him out of the Yukon and to a vet for treatment.  The vet discovered a tumor and promptly removed it.  Diesel slowly recovered and made a lot of new friends.  Soon they found out Diesel is a real “teddy bear.”



Diesel is now living a normal life and receiving the love every dog deserves.  Animal Advocates are heroes and save dogs like Diesel all year.  Check out their website and see how you can help them do good deeds!

Watch the full video below

Please share Diesel’s story to help raise awareness and Animal Advocates fight the good fight!

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