Abused 4-Month-Old Puppy Finds a Gentle Friend Just When He Needs It the Most

People who abuse puppies are no better than those who abuse babies.  There’s no room on this earth for evil of this nature.  Luckily, in this dog’s case, angels saved him and helped him find a new friend.

Puppies need all the love in the world when they began their journey of life on this earth.  This poor dog, Sammie, was badly abused before rescuers saved him.

Once he was in good hands, another rescued dog, Simon, noticed poor Sammie.  He gave Sammie one of the best things a living creature can offer in this world, friendship.

Warning: the following photos may be too graphic for some readers.

Sammie came close to death.  The criminals spray-painted him, shot him in the head and dragged him behind a car.

The rescuers at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were mortified by the abusers’ actions.  They had to act fast to save Sammie’s life.



Sammie also had two broken legs that were left untreated for several days before they found him.  Sammie needed to be treated in South Carolina by a partner of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  That’s where he met his new friend, Simon.

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