A Woman Couldn’t Help But Fall in Love with This Sad Senior Dog When She Saw His Ad on Facebook

There are people in this world who get things done.  Like the old saying goes “if you snooze you lose.”  Power moves are essential in life.  Some of the best decisions we will ever make are the ones that come straight from the gut.  This is what happened when the founder of Paw Works, Christina Morgan, was tagged on Facebook.

An 18-year-old senior dog named Jaripo checked into the Lancaster Animal Shelter which is known for being high kill.  Posts of Jaripo stormed through social media, yet no one committed to saving him.  Then Christina stepped in…

Pictures of an 18-year-old senior dog named Jaripo were “breaking the internet.”  He checked into the high kill Lancaster Animal Shelter and needed a home pronto…

Christina Morgan, the founder of Paw Works, decided to do something about it instead of allowing Jaripo to live out his final days in the shelter or even worse be put down…


When Christina went to pick up Jaripo, it was pouring rain.  Her husband thought she was nuts…

Christina drove in a hurry despite the rain.  She wanted to make sure Jaripo was in safe hands…


After getting him home, Morgan found Jaripo a loving foster home to live out the rest of his days.  She said, “He’s a happy camper.”

That day, Christina saved more than just Jaripo’s life.  She loaded up the car with animals scheduled to be put down.  We need more people like her!


Do you think more people should adopt instead of shop?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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