A Paralyzed Dog Hears Her Dad Come Back from War and Treats Him with a Big Surprise!

It’s important not to count dogs with handicaps out just like we wouldn’t count our children with handicaps out.  Dogs with handicaps still have an excellent shot at living a great life if we provide them a comfortable home full of love.

Meet Emma, the pit bull who was born with bum hind legs.  She is paralyzed, but it doesn’t stop her from moving around and having the heart of a champion.  When she hears her dad come through the door, she can’t help but hurry to see him!

Meet Emma, the tiny pit bull born paralyzed without the use of her hind legs.  She lives in a loving home and hasn’t skipped a beat!

When she heard her soldier dad come home from serving in the U.S. Air Force, she rushed over to show him some love!

Her parents are fostering her as a “special needs animal rescue and rehabilitation” or SNARR pet.  After growing close to her dad, Emma was devastated when he left.  Watch their epic reunion next!

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