A Man Found a Dead Fox Lying in the Street – but When He Returned, He Never Expected This

When people see an animal in need, their first reaction is to do whatever they can to help.  It’s part of human nature.

One morning, a man riding his bike to work noticed something sad on the side of the road.  It looked like a fox got ran over and killed.

This was the scene the man pulled up to when he first arrived.

The man recounted the incident:

“This morning on my bike ride into town I came upon this fox that had just been hit by a car. His eyes were slowly opening and closing, he was shaking out of control and his heart was beating out of his chest. All I wanted to do was help him but I quickly realized there was nothing I could do so I sat down next to him and gave him the warmth and company that I think I would appreciate if I was in that situation. His eyes closed for good, the shaking was down to a minimum and as I rubbed his little head to comfort him, I literally watched his last heart beat. RIP little guy the world will miss you.”

To his amazement, the fox was still alive!

When the man returned after work, the fox was still alive! The man carefully picked him up and got him to the nearest animal hospital. It was a miracle he survived.

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