A loving Couple Rescues Abandoned Dog, And Posts BRUTAL Message to the “Dirt Bag” Who Abandoned the Poor Baby

Some people in this world are heartless; they are the complete opposite of us animal lovers who will bend over backwards to help our beloved four-legged friends.

A sweet couple, Danielle Cole and her husband, recently made a great addition to their family.  Danielle’s husband was driving along one day when he noticed a small dog being dumped on the side of the road.  When he tried to save the dog, it understandably ran away in a state of confusion…

Two dog lovers, Danielle Cole and her husband, recently made an addition to their family.  It all started when Danielle’s husband noticed a dog being dumped on the side of the road…

When her husband returned home, he told Danielle what happened.  They went back to try and save the dog again.  The poor baby ran off again scared.  The next morning they brought treats and their own dog.  They almost lured the abandoned dog in until a passerby scared the dog once again.  Finally, they caught him and wrote this letter to the former owner.


The Coles later named the dog Safari and have since fallen in love with the little guy…Guess who adopted him?

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