A Little Boy Thought He’d Never See the Neighbor’s Dog Again, Watch Their Tearjerking Reunion

The bond between boy and dog is a special one.  Both dogs and boys love to play and are full of energy.  Dogs are always more gentle with babies and children, it’s in their nature.

Meet Lennox Goebel and his neighbor’s dog, Bogart, they share a special bond.  Lennox loves spending time with Bogart, and they became best friends.  Lennox even refers to Bogart as his best friend…


Meet Lennox the boy and Bogart the dog, they are besties.  Bogart is Lennox’s neighbor’s dog, and he spends as much time with Bogart as possible.  Lennox considers Bogart his best friend…

One day, Bogart had to leave because his mother went on tour as a musician.  She took Bogart from Nashville to California to stay with her mother.  Lennox’s mom said, “The day they were going to fly we went over there super early so he [Lennox] could play with the dog before they got on the plane.”



Lennox was crushed not knowing when his best friend would return.  He thought it would only be a few months until he saw Bogart again…Watch the outcome of the story next!

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