A Devastating Gunshot Wound to the Face Nearly Cost This Dog His Life

Warning: This story is graphic in nature with some disturbing photos.

Here is yet another grim tale of dog abuse in the city of Detroit.  Detroit Dog Rescue sure does have their hands full!  The poor dog featured in this story is named Diesel.  He is a beautiful pit bull who suffered a traumatic beating by the hand of his former owner.

After beating him and shutting his head in a car door, the former owner shot the poor guy in the face through his snout.

An eyewitness bravely stepped in after the dog was viciously beaten and shot.  Diesel was in bad shape and needed immediate medical attention.  The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society took over from there to save the beaten dog’s life.

After Diesel was x-rayed, it was possible to see where the bullet entered and exited.  Fragments of the bullet are still lodged in his head and neck.  It’s impossible to have them safely removed.

Lucky for Diesel, he is strong and proud.  It’s almost like the brutal attack didn’t phase him at all.  Even though he is still standing strong, legal and medical battles will ensue.  Justice needs to be served!

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