A Dachshund Does Something Amazing to Save His 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a dachshund, they are the perfect example of a little dog in a big dog’s body.  No matter what situation they are in, they run the show.  Pairing a dachshund with a giant yet gentle St. Bernard is a match made in heaven

Things spiraled out of control when Razor the dachshund realized his best bud, Jazzy the St. Bernard, was in serious trouble.  He put his little wiener body into high-gear and did something spectacular…

Meet Razor the dachshund and Jazzy the St. Bernard.  They are best friends.  When Jazzy got himself into some trouble, Razor did something incredible…

Jazzy got himself stuck, and Razor alerted the neighbors…



Razor led them precisely to Jazzy, and they found him stuck in a cold, muddy creek.  The poor guy was stuck for 18 hours!

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