7 Years After Adopting a Black Cat, Something Unexplainably Strange Happened to It

Cats are always full of surprises.  When we sign up to raise a kitten, we sign up for decades worth of adventures and memorable moments together.

David adopted the cat he named Scrappy when he was only a kitten all the way back in 1997.  When he adopted Scrappy, Scrappy’s coat was jet black…

It all started in 1997 when a man named David walked into a shelter and found the cat of his dreams, Scrappy…

On Scrappy’s 7th birthday, something strange happened.  David noticed Scrappy’s first white patches begin to develop…


Over time, Scrappy became black and white marble colored instead of jet black.  A skin condition known as vitiligo can change the pigmentation of an animal’s fur.  Regardless, it’s strange that it began at age 7.

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