7-Year-Old Girl’s German Shepherd Follows Her Everywhere – and His Loyalty Saved Her Life

German Shepherds make great police dogs for a reason.  They are strong, obedient and most of all, loyal.  For these reasons, they also make great family dogs.  A German shepherd will guard your family until its last breath.

A 7-year-old girl named Molly was playing with her dog, Haus, one sunny afternoon in Tampa, Florida when suddenly, Haus noticed something and knew his little sister was in danger.

His next move saved her life, and now, people are labeling him a hero.  When you see what he did, you will be amazed by his heroic actions!

Haus and his sister, Molly, are best friends.



When something dangerous snuck into their yard, Haus saved Molly’s life!

See the full story below!

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