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50 Photoshop Fails That Actually Made It into Print — Somebody Got Fired Over These!

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Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic tool for creating original artwork, airbrushing away human imperfections, and compositing several different images into one. The modern media age literally wouldn't have been possible without it!

But as skillful as the Photoshop wizards are, mistakes do happen — after all, they're only human. And somehow, sometimes, those errors end up getting published. Either the editors didn't catch it or maybe they had an extra margarita at lunch... Who knows, right? At any rate, we've scoured the internet looking for the absolute best of the worst Photoshop fails that actually made it into print.

So, without further ado, here's our favorite 50 Photoshop blunders of all time...

50. God Bless Whitney Houston — She's Got Three Hands!

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Back in 2010, the tabloid press frequently ran stories about Whitney Houston's descent into addiction and her tumultuous relationship with husband Bobby Brown. Following the pop icon's death in February of 2012, stories like these don't sit quite as well, do they?

It looks like one of the editors at US Weekly let an epic Photoshop bomb slip through their assuredly rigorous proofing process. In this fail, the six time Grammy winner has three hands!

49. Where Are Chrissy Teigen's Nipples?

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John Legend's wife has become a celebrity in her own right. From cohosting Lip Sync Battle to her social media dominance, the model and author is at the epicenter of the pop culture universe.

And speaking of centers, um, what happened to her nipples?

48. Have You Seen the Neck on This Girl?

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Did no one notice Alicia Vikander's ridiculously long neck on this poster?

Lara Croft is supposed to be like Superwoman, not a dinosaur! We already miss Angelina Jolie in this bland, paint-by-numbers reboot.

Up next, we've got Brad, Angie, and their eleven billion kids...

47. We Need More Kids in this Shot!

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Prior to their messy and very public divorce, Brad and Angie were considered the perfect picture of celebrity domesticity. It seemed like hardly a day went by that they didn't add another child to their already immense brood.

And it looks like the Photoshop gurus at People were just following suit — even if the child they added was already in the shot!

46. Oprah Has Three Billion Dollars — And a Hand For Each Billion, Apparently

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In this 2018 Vanity Fair spread, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Tom Hanks are serving us some serious old-school, Hollywood glamour.

But a closer look reveals some serious issues — like Big O's three hands.

45. Not to Be Outdone, Reese Has Three Legs

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While Reese hasn't aged a day since her first leading role in 1996's Freeway, she does appear a little different than we remember in this particular shot.

That's one, two, three legs jutting out from underneath her Chanel gown.

And next, Oprah and Reese aren't the only ones with appendages in triplicate...

44. And Target Dad Has Got Three Arms, Too...

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This is a fairly common mistake in the land of Photoshop fails. A model or actor will pose in multiple ways, and then in post-production, the graphics people will combine those images to suit the needs of the overall design.

Sometimes, though, they forget to remove the leftover pieces.

43. Yoga Did This to Jennifer Aniston's Body?

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If yoga or meditation did this to Jennifer Aniston, count us out!

While some mistakes can be forgiven, this is simply atrocious. No editor, designer, or everyday reader could possibly believe that image is true to life. For the sake of journalistic integrity, we hope someone lost their job over this one.

42. Can Someone Please Remove the Naked Old Guy in the Background?

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While you don't see too many in the United States, nude beaches are quite common in Europe and many other parts of the world.

Call me old fashioned — but at the first sight of a schlong, I'm putting the kids in the car and we're hitting the road.

And speaking of private parts, up next...

41. Somebody's Bellybutton Is Out of Place

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Nope, look again. The bellybutton on the model in the middle is just fine.

It's her bestie to the left that's got the serious anatomical abnormality.

40. There's an 'Artifact' Underneath Her Dress

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Maybe it's a belt of some variety? Or possibly a flap of fabric, captured at just the right angle?

Yeah, it's probably one of those two options. Definitely a belt.

And next, this famous judge has got something weird peeking out from beneath her robe...

39. What Is Wrong with Her Legs? Uh, Everything...

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In this promo, actress Kate Walsh's legs are utterly deformed.

They're positioned in physically impossible ways, airbrushed to an unbelievable degree, and shrunken like a dehydrated raisin in the California sun. Dr. Addison Montgomery deserves better, y'all!

38. The Tell-Tale Warping Around Kylie's Buns

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If you ever notice a distortion in the background, like heat waving off of hot concrete, that's a sign of digital manipulation.

Checkout the white wall just above Kylie's rear end — looks like someone has had her butt bubbled. It's okay girl, we still love you!

And how many fingers does it take to make an American Idol pizza? Check it out next...

37. There's Six Fingers on the American Idol Pizza Box

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While this isn't a terrible oversight, it's definitely sloppy. You would think with such a big outfit like Domino's Pizza, someone would have caught this.

But, alas, these things do slip through the cracks from time to time.

36. Two Papers Publish the Same Image, But...

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Two British newspapers published this same image of Prince William, but as you'll notice, the photographs are not identical.

We guess the Rastafarian at the stern was just too scraggly to ride with HRH.

Up next, we've got a some more undercover racist nonsense...

35. Microsoft Replaces the Black Dude, But Not All of Him

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And speaking of nixing the brothers, what's up with this Microsoft ad?

The Scandinavian version of this promotional piece replaced the American executive with the smiling dork in the second shot. A closer look reveals, however, that they left the first gentleman's hand. In the immortal words of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, "Let it be."

34. Checkout That Shadow!

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The enormous (and clearly fake) check in this shot was added in post-production.

But it looks like the Photoshop geniuses forgot to add a digital shadow.

33. Those Tiny Hands Are Creepin' Us Out

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It's been almost 40 years since the fictional band Spinal Tap made their debut in 1979.

Harry Shearer, who you probably know from his extensive voiceover work on The Simpsons, has his hands on costar Michael McKean's shoulders. Of course, there's no way for them to actually be positioned in that way.

32. This Chick's Fingers Are Weird AF

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The graphic designer responsible for this monstrosity needs to take a basic human anatomy class.

Those fingers look like horrible, intergalactic space worms!

31. This Is Clearly the Work of Professionals

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This is the result you get when an intern lists Photoshop on their resume — after having played with the software for maybe a couple hours.

It's a powerful application suite, but it doesn't work magic.

30. Her Legs Are Literally Defying Physics

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This model looks pretty good considering the mangled state of her pelvis and legs.

To achieve that pose IRL, it normally requires a head-on collision at 70 miles per hour.

29. Where's the Rest of Your Horse, Hun?

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Remember how in the late '90s all the models had this vacuous, somber expression on their face? It seems to say, "Take the picture! It's burdensome to be this attractive."

The absence of the horses' body is only distracting if you ignore her woozy countenance.

28. This Is the Longest, Most Severely Broken Arm We've Ever Seen

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If that's what her arm actually looks like, someone get her out of the pool!

She's not going to be able to stay afloat for very long dragging that crazy thing around.

27. She Looks Pretty Calm Considering They're About to Crash into the Hudson River

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If you ever look out your airplane window and see the Statue of Liberty at eye-level, just be aware that you are probably going to die.

Excluding the exceptional case of Chesley Sullenberger in 2009, most airplanes with that particular view have a "date with destiny."

26. Something Seems to Be Missing Here

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For having a disembodied hand and arm help out with bath time, this little guy seems relatively unperturbed.

Sightings of paranormal apparitions reached a peak during the 1900s when spiritualism and seances were en vogue. Now they're mostly confined to Photoshop goofs.

25. Finally a Shower That Works with Broken Necks

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After breaking her neck, this traumatized woman was just as surprised as everyone else to be alive.

Thus began her decade-long quest for an accommodating shower head. We are happy to report that, after many long years, she was victorious.

24. Turns out Your Sweet Baby Girl Is Possessed

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Annabell's parents tried everything — psychiatrists, hypnotism, a cadre of medications and therapeutic approaches — but nothing worked for long.

Eventually, they contacted their local parish priest. After a couple of bottles of holy water and some medieval incantations, little Anna was back to normal and playing the piano.

23. It's Gotta Be Hard Walking with Two Right Feet

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If you actually had two right feet, I guess you would have to buy two pair of shoes, and then just throw away the lefties?

Someone needs to show the Photoshop troll responsible for this silly error the reflect tool. It's actually really easy to turn a right foot into a left foot.

22. Giants Shouldn't Dive into Shallow Rivers

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This is an awesome idea, but it was executed poorly. The river is obviously not deep enough for the giant man to dive into.

Why not make him a little smaller? That way, he doesn't have to crack his humongous skull on the river rocks below!

21. We're Honestly Terrified

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While we personally love the awesome bargains at JcPenny department stores, we've known for sometime about their demon infestation.

Last week, we were trying to return a pair of jeans at the customer service counter and there was a hobgoblin eating an ectoplasmic hotdog. Someone needs to call The Ghostbusters!

20. Attack of the Squid Girls!

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We did the math and that's seven pair of legs for just three girls.

Whatever they're selling, uh, count us out.

19. I Think There's Something Wrong with Your Leg

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Did you know that "Shiseido" is Mandarin for "smelly goat?"

Just kidding! Taken from the Chinese Yi Jing, a classic of Confucian literature, it means attitude.

18. Notice Anything About the Crowd?

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Did you notice anything strange about the group of people in this ad?

Take a closer look. Go on, we'll wait...

17. That's Not How a Selfie Stick Works

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Uninformed grandmothers, Flat Earth Society members, and any other technologically-challenged people gather 'round; we're going to explain selfie sticks.

The stick, once attached to a phone, allows you take a group portrait and get a fair amount of the background in the shot. But here's a mission critical tip: the camera should be facing you.

16. Y'all Forgot to Fix the Pool

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We have to assume that, because SoCal isn't known for their pine trees, those elongated, triangular shadows reflected on the pool's surface are folded umbrellas.

Curiously, they seem to be missing from the tables. And now that we're thinking about it, the tables are missing, too!

15. Another Benefit to Having Amazon Prime

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The benefits of an Amazon Prime membership are numerous and need not be listed here.

But in addition to their all-inclusive shipping, they're also stretching forearms. The first ten stretches are free, but any additional stretches are $3.99.

14. Is That You Touching Me?

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The last time I was in an orange cocktail dress and felt an errant hand touching my hip, I was knee-deep in Jagger Bombs at a University of Texas frat party.

Unfortunately, I was the only 36-year-old dude in attendance. So glad I joined AA!

13. Momma Was a Supermodel, Daddy Was a Giraffe

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After meditating on this gorgeous monochrome, it quickly became apparent how freakishly distorted this woman's neck was. Look at that thing!

No wonder she's having to prop it up on her hand.

12. Is There Someone Else in the Pool with Me?

Image Credit

The most decorated athlete in Olympic history, Michael Phelps finished his career with 23 gold medals.

Phelps is just the latest athlete in a string of high-profile "disconnected hand molestations." If you see this hand, call your local police department or Crime Stoppers.

11. Player One's Freakishly Long Leg

Image Credit

Steven Spielberg's preference for old-school, hand-drawn movie posters is consistent across his career. It's actually a part of his artistic aesthetic.

Normally a stickler for details, it's his custom to personally approve all of the production art. Looks like this one just slipped through the cracks! Heck, even geniuses can have off days.

10. I Think My Wrist Might Be Broken

Image Credit

Girl, put down that snake and call 911.

Your wrist is fractured in 6 places and, from the look on your face, you're about 5 minutes into an opioid overdose.

9. Where Are All These Hands Coming From?

Image Credit

Here's another case of a disembodied hand attacking a professional athlete.

It's really becoming an epidemic, like doping or the football concussion thing.

8. It's So Hard to Find Bathing Suits For My Space Alien Body

Image Credit

After she crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico in the late '40s, this charming visitor from outer space learned English, got a GED, and began pursuing a career as a fashion model.

It only took her seventy years to land a spread in Italian Vogue.

7. That Baby Must Be Horribly Disfigured

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Just try to imagine the impossible configuration of body parts necessary to make this detergent label a reality.

It's literally something out of a horror movie.

6. Checkout This Phone's Reflection

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While we don't have a hilarious zinger to go with this lazy fail, we will point out that like their graphic design department, HTC is not known for their attention to detail.

Have you ever used one of their phones? It's like trying to sign on to American Online using a Windows 95 computer.

5. Does His Head Look a Little Too Big?

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Guys taking shirtless gym selfies don't usually need any help with getting a big head.

They come standard on most models.

4. Mommy's Legs Are Really Scary

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The proportions in this shot are so ridiculous, it's comical that even the misguided designer could sign off on the edit.

Sir, put the mouse down and step away from the MacBook.

3. An Intern Got Fired Over This 'Amateur Hour' Hand

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Out of all the fails on our little list, this one is actually our favorite. Why, you ask?

It's her facial expression. She's like, "I realize they've butchered my hand. I never even wanted a career in modeling. I'm just trying to pay off some student loans, man."

2. Did They Just Combine a Dog & a Lama?

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The designer must have been rummaging through his clipart file and thought, yeah, the fur's about the same color. No one will notice.

Well, sorry buddy, we did.

1. She Was Going For That 'Kardashian Look'

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