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Here's the 30 Craziest Social Media Posts of 2018...

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When it comes to trashy, there is no short supply here in the piney woods of East Texas. From ragged-out mobile homes to tackily decorated McMansions, we've got a wide gamut of socioeconomic backgrounds and wallet sizes represented. Of course, income level has never had much to do with taste — heck, the trashiest people I know also happen to be the richest!

So whether you count yourself as one of the classless, or just like to gawk at rude and inappropriate behavior like the rest of us; pull up a chair! We've scoured the internet and put together a comprehensive list of the 30 absolute worst social media posts from 2018.

And while you might not find your uncle who likes to smell his own farts on our list, check it out, because you might just be surprised...

30. And the Mom of the Year Award Goes to...


It seems obvious, but if you were going to chance going to prison for burglary, wouldn't you at least steal something worthwhile?

A bag of Halloween candy at Walmart is about five bucks plus tax. Then again, if you are spending all your disposable income on meth, you probably need that Abe Lincoln.

29. Just 'Cause I'm Pregnant Don't Mean I Won't...

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Would you believe that she posted this glamour shot to her Facebook page a couple hours before allegedly committing an armed robbery of a 7/11?

She was on parole at the time for, you guessed it, an armed robbery of a 7/11.

28. But That's Not All, Folks

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This Christmas gem also happened to be lurking on the pregnant robber's page!

Apparently, when she's not holding up liquor stores, she's taking her kids to the mall to meet Santa and just "doing normal mom stuff."

And up next, we've got Kris Jenner way back in the '90s during a trial you might remember...

27. My Sister Stopped Taking Her Meds Again


Every year around August, Jonathan Bender's sister will stop taking her psych meds and spend about a month drinking, falling off roofs, and getting arrested.

According to his social media rant, he has to take care of her seventy-two pound pig when she's drying out in county.

26. '90s Kris Kardashian Was Still Shady Business

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Public records show that while the Brown family had tasked Kris with collecting the children's things from the Brentwood murder scene, she was also visiting OJ in county jail.

When your side piece murders your best-friend, and then your husband is defending him in court, it must be pretty confusing morally. Caitlyn — at this point, still in Bruce mode and a registered Republican — looks mortified.

25. Speaking of Republicans

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It's always charming when your political beliefs allow you to ignore a person in a desperate, dangerous situation.

I was going to make a border wall joke here, but man, can't we all just get along for once? #LetsAllPlayNice #MyBrothersKeeper

And next, is this lady really doing THAT in the hotel pool? Yep, she is...

24. While Staying at the Ritz Carlton, We Saw...


This wasn't the Motel 6 off Interstate 20, nor was it the Econolodge in the bad part of town. This was the freakin' Ritz Carlton in upstate New York!

Let's just hope that's all she shaved in the pool.

23. 'Full of Poo Bags'

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The woman that posted this image to her Facebook page captioned it as follows: "Who would have thought that horses are stupid enough to eat a stomach's worth of sh*t bags?"

Well, sweetie, they're just horses and they were probably hungry. We like cereal, too.

22. You Let Him Do Whaaaat?

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This is the tackiest, funniest, most epic drag we've seen in a long time.

But we're still trying to figure out if the original poster was a chick or a dude.

And next, you know you've hit rock bottom when you're stealing from senior citizens at Walmart...

21. Grand Theft Shopping Cart


Just so everyone is on the same page, video surveillance cameras cover every square inch of every Walmart in the country.

The house that Sam Walton built is at the forefront of loss prevention — watch your purse, y'all.

20. Your Uncle is Freakin' Gross

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This post was originally (and hilariously) titled, "Why I stopped following my uncle Tito on Facebook."

But why does this pic make me think of Taco Bell's Chili Cheese Frito Burrito?

19. Coming Soon From the Same People Who Brought You the Inquisition

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Truthfully, there are decent, well-meaning people on both sides of this contentious debate. And having grown up in church, I can personally attest to the good intentions and compassion of most of my Christian brethren.

As Yoda might say, "Their finest moment, this was not."

And click next to checkout the rowdy layaway counter at a Sears in Mesquite, Texas...

18. Sears in Mesquite Is Some Kind of Crazy Y'all


Why is it that irate, southern women make it their holy mission in life to terrorize the customer service people at the layaway counter?

I can't tell you how many Sears, JCPenny's, and Dillards I've been at where somebody's mama with a Texas twang is putting the smackdown on some unsuspecting sales associate!

17. 'Cause It's Your Parent's Fault You Don't Have Insurance

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This girl's sense of entitlement is absolutely appalling.

Only in America would this level of disrespect go unnoticed and even seem quasi-normal. In the Middle East, they would've cut off this girl's head for talking to her momma and daddy this way — seriously!

16. Found in the Photo Booth at Chuck E. Cheese

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We all know what's it like to have been up all night on the boogah sugah — and now coming down hard at a seven-year-old's birthday party.

Sometimes you just have to slip into a darkened photo booth, pull the curtain, and make nasty until the heebie jeebies pass, man.

Up next, we have two puppy thieves practicing their trade... only they forgot one thing...

15. This Is How to Steal a Puppy and Get Caught


Doesn't it make you angry how that sleaze just reaches over and yanks the poor dog up, showing no concern for the animal's wellbeing?

We can take some solace in the fact that both men received the maximum punishment allowed under the law. And because of prior convictions, both served hard time in the Alabama Department of Corrections.

14. Just Sit on Those Avocados, Girl

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You can see the entire range of human possibility at your local Walmart.

But it's really not a lot of millionaire, genius-types. It's more like trailer park people and dudes on parole.

13. My Baby Only Smokes Marlboro Full Flavors

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When your baby is looking for real satisfaction, real pleasure — there's only one place to go...

And that's Marlboro country.

Next we have an Uber driver that should be canonized as a saint for putting up with these wretched girls...

12. We Needed That Money to Buy Vodka, Duh


What was that silly Uber driver going to do with those crumpled dollar bills anyway?

Hello! It was time to get turnt all the way up!

11. Southlake DPS Trolls 'Extremely Pregnant' Meth Queen

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Detective Ellis eventually caught Houston resident and criminal mastermind Holly Nichols outside a Old Navy outlet store.

In addition to the identity theft charges, the 28-year-old former prom queen was booked on three counts of possession of a controlled substance, leaving the scene of an accident, theft of property under $500, driving with an expired license, failure to maintain insurance, shoplifting, and assault on a public servant.

10. Date Night at the Walmart Women's Shoe Aisle

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Hard liquor, cheap pizza, and even cheaper shoes make for an interesting Saturday evening.

From the looks of things, somebody should check the dressing rooms for a couple of patrons in flagrante delicto.

And next, we've got quite a pair of criminals: a mother and her nine-year-old daughter... 

9. All It Takes is a Little Teamwork


That's a great lesson to teach your daughter.

All it takes is a little patience, a little luck, and working as a team to make great things happen. Those skills will most certainly come in handy for surviving the rigors of prison.

8. She Put the Whole Pisa in Her Mouth

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa actually took 344 years to build, beginning in the summer of 1173. Unfortunately, it began to lean in 1178, during the construction of the second floor.

The tilt is reportedly due to a mysterious and unseen suction force.

7. Uh, How Old is This Kid?

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"Is it okay if I change my son's diaper right here on this table in the middle of the lunch rush?"

A McDonald's employee replies, "Sure thing! And considering he's seven years old, that makes it all the more normal and fine. Go ahead."

And next, an elderly lady sexually assaults a male politician on national television...

6. Get You a Feel Lady Popo!


Wouldn't it be prudent to call the male officer over and let him do the frisk?

This is an enormous double standard, despite the fact that the guy getting arrested seems to kinda like it.

5. You're Going to Jail Today

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Just remember to make your bunk, don't look the lifers in the eye, and pay off all your gambling debts.

You're a handsome dude, you'll be fine.

4. I've Never Milked an Rhino Before

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First of all, Leah, that's an African elephant and not a rhinoceros.

And second, uh, it's a boy elephant.

And next, this guy takes smoking in the car to a whole new level...

3. Do I Smell Like Pot?


No one can tell that you've been smoking.

Just a little squirt of cologne and you're golden!

2. Daddy's in Prison Again

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