20 Horribly Awkward Wedding Fails

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Weddings are meant to be beautiful. When we think of two people committing to love each other for the rest of our lives, our minds conjure pictures of white doves and perfumed flowers. Motivated brides spend months and small fortunes to plan and execute the perfect experience. Sometimes, however, good planning just isn’t enough. No matter how carefully an event is prepared, the unexpected can still happen. But that doesn’t have to ruin the big day! These 20 couples are proof that humor can lighten the burden of even the most awkward wedding fails.


Not Off To a Good Start?


I'm a little worried about this marriage.  If she can't stand his kisses on day 1, what's going to happen in 20 years?  The guy in the background seems to be getting a kick out of this.  How embarrassing to be that guy.  How do you recover from this?


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Parties are supposed to be fun, right? These ladies may have had a little too much fun. The open bar served as the inspiration for this flattering photo. An important point of etiquette to remember: wedding receptions are not nightclubs!


Marking His Territory


We've all heard about overprotective parents, siblings, and friends. Sometimes it takes time for family members to get used to the love of your life. No one ever asks the four-legged fur babies for permission. This furry friend wanted to ensure the groom knew who the bride really belongs to.


The Doo-Doo's And Do Not's Of Wedding Cakes


Cutting the cake is one of the most photographed moments of any wedding reception. If you are going to partake in the tradition of shoving cake all over your new spouse's face, there is one rule you should keep in mind -- ensure your cake doesn't resemble a giant pile of dookie.

A Muddy Relationship

OC Register

Obstacle courses and mud runs have become quite the craze in recent years. So have creative wedding ceremonies. Nothing says romance like running through a muddy obstacle course like a common stock pig. So much for saving the dress or the deposit on the tuxedo. This photo is still full of class compared to the next.

Number One Groom


There is a time and a place for everything. Just because you are able to pee outside doesn't mean it's a good idea for a wedding photo. Just kidding, it's a great idea for a wedding photo!

Now the number one most memorable moment of this couple's biggest day involves hubby and his friends relieving themselves. Good thing it's not number two!

Maybe He'll Catch The Garter


No one likes being the seventh wheel. Way to single your brother out. We're sure he's not going to be reminded of how lonely he was on your special day. There appears to be a slight smirk, but you can plainly notice the unbearable pain in his eyes.

Attack Of Bridezilla


Sure, some might say this is creative photography. How, exactly, does this relate to the themes of love and union? Sure, everyone wants the image of the groom and his buddies stuck to the bottom of the bride's pumps. At least the next photo promotes togetherness and consumation of the special union.

Spot Is Stealing The Spotlight


Weddings seem to have a special effect on those in attendance. Married couples remember their special day. Singles seek each other out on the dance floor. Dogs hump each other. The only thing that would make this photo more special is if we knew each dog belonged to the bride and groom.

Carpe Diem, Grandpa

Bridal Guide

Grandpa has spent the last few years by himself. His loneliness has started to get the best of him. After a few drinks, he saw his opportunity to get the love and affection he sorely needed and took it. Needless to say, the marriage got off to a rocky start.

0-Layered Cake

Bob and Dawn Davis Photography

Planning a wedding is beyond exhausting. It takes months of preparation to ensure each intricate detail is covered. Forgetting a few small details is completely understandable, but the law of gravity shouldn't be one of them. Leave the cake handling to the professionals. To think this couple was trusted with a knife.

Where's Waldo?


Those of you who think this photo is clever probably never struggled with a real Where's Waldo book before. When the bridal party dresses in red and white stripes, then we can talk about creativity. But that's none of my business. Speaking of how people should have dressed, prepare yourself for the next slide.

This Is How You End A Friendship

Awkward Family Photos

This is what happens when your friend who owns a fabric shop is getting married. It's hard to tell where one dress starts and another begins. The 1970s and 1980s were a scary time for fashion. Luckily, people got over the desire to dress up in window curtains and area rugs.

Shotgun Wedding


The old "grandpa warns groom about treating his granddaughter right" cliche. It's all fun and games until pappy's dementia kicks in. What started as a joke turns into a shotgun wound to the stomach and a trip to the emergency room before a 16-hour surgery. Not so cute now, is it, grandpa?

Sherman's March Down The Aisle

Tank Limo

When he said he was getting tanked at his wedding, this isn't what she had in mind. Pretty sure she'd rather have him get blackout drunk with his buddies than ride to the ceremony at 25 miles per hour. This is more of a vehicle reserved for prom night.

Still Got Love For The Streets

Jeff Chin Photography

This is what happens when your boyfriend grows up on the streets. It's hard to leave that life behind. Once you get jumped in, you're in for life. He didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose him. The bridesmaids aren't helping either, but at least they aren't acting like fools in our next photo.

Some Sisters Never Change


Sherrie and her sister were trying to create a nice family-friendly photo mom can frame for the mantle. There was never a better time to learn Photoshop. This will teach her a good lesson about inviting a couple of your single sorority sisters to be in your wedding party.

Old McDonald Had A Wedding

Google Plus

Leave it to Russians to use an old run-down tractor as a beautiful piece of scenery. It might be time to look for a new location. And a new photographer. Would it have been so hard to hose it down and empty the unsightly branches from the back?

Check out this next gravity-defying photo.

Shortest Marriage Ever

Google Plus

When you say "I don't?" These are the moments when someone needs to have a video camera ready. Even an "after" photo would be satisfactory. Staged pictures sound well and good in theory. When it comes time to put it into practice, that's when the real magic begins.

Game Over


Whatever pleases the new wife. Single people won't consider this an achievement. But whatever makes her happy, right? The achievements still available on higher levels include raising a player 3 and successfully filing taxes jointly before the deadline. This is the most difficult and terrifyingly endless game ever created!


The Walking Wed


Themed weddings have become quite popular in recent years. I guess it's a little more respectful than having a zombie-themed funeral, right? Note to self: update last will and testament.

Nothing says storybook romance like imitating reanimated corpses. The RSVP must have read something along the lines of "steak, salmon, or human flesh."

Is She Going To Carry Him Down The Runway?

I honestly think that she could eat him whole.  I am always interested in knowing how these type of relationships came about.  Maybe opposites to attract?

Don't Blow This Picture

Well this seems like a fun wedding.

Whose Idea Was This?


She probably had visions of floating to the water’s surface like a newlywed swan. Instead, this cannonballing bride looks less than graceful as she falls in a shower of fuchsia flowers. The expression on her face lacks the blissful joy expected from a blushing bride on her wedding day. Oh well. There’s always Photoshop.

Gone with the Wind

This gorgeous seaside celebration was briefly interrupted by a groomsman falling off the dock. Did the wind or the romance of the moment sweep him off his feet? Like the joyfully oblivious couple in the shot, we may never know. Maybe this overenthusiastic friend sacrificed his dry clothing to give the groom a one-of-a-kind gift.

Nobody Likes a Show-Off

When the wedding photographer told this guy to “have fun”, he may have taken him a little too seriously. That high jump looks like it was headed straight for that bridesmaid’s face. Only her cat-like reflexes protected her from the blow. As punishment for his miscalculations, he had to spend the rest of the reception with a huge split in the seam of his trousers.

There’s Still Cake…

No bad feelings seemed to be held after this bride and groom had a small mishap during the cake cutting ceremony. The bride is still able to smile through the pain of a bloody nose, which she seems to have recently cracked against her husband’s bearded chin. The bright side? The cake was delicious!

Whose Idea Was This?

She probably had visions of floating to the water’s surface like a newlywed swan. Instead, this cannonballing bride looks less than graceful as she falls in a shower of fuchsia flowers. The expression on her face lacks the blissful joy expected from a blushing bride on her wedding day. Oh well. There’s always Photoshop.

Planking Priest

Planking was a photo challenge that took over social media outlets in 2008. Participants would pose flat on their bellies with straight arms and legs, like a corpse, in bizarre settings. This priest decided to show his support for this trendy young couple by photobombing their post-nuptial pics with this hilarious planking move.

Always Pay for the Private Location

An oceanside wedding is much more affordable when held at a public beach. However, that leaves you vulnerable to the impulsive whims of passersby. Unless one of this couple’s friends decided to strip down halfway through the photo session, this is a prime example of why it’s worth it to spend a little more on your venue.

The Leader of the Pack

This precocious pooch wanted to make sure the bride knew her place from the first day. Even funnier, the groom seems to watch with detached amusement as the doggo relieves himself on the bride’s gown. The future may not be so bright for this canine-loving couple.

The Bird is the Word

Releasing live birds at your ceremony can cost a small fortune. Birds are available at your local grocery store for less than $2 per pound! All it takes is a little elbow grease to create a budget DIY bird release.

Final Touches

There’s a good reason why the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride before the ceremony. Every little detail of her hair, makeup, and dress need to be perfect before he can lay his eyes on his personal goddess. This bride, with the help of a friend, tended to those final touches while calming her pre-ceremony jitters with a glass of red wine.

Opa Indeed

Greek weddings are known for their exuberant dancing. This wedding party seems to have gotten carried away with the merry-making. This reveler might need to sit out the next song to clear his aching head after crushing his cervical spine on the ceiling.

I Saw a Spider…

The shocked look on this bride’s face means trouble for somebody. Her gorgeous veil and train are ruined by the clumsy-footed relative behind her. The smothered looks of amusement from the audience highlight the unexpected nature of the moment. Hopefully, the footprints on her gown didn’t ruin her wedding photos.

Maximum Capacity

The best part about this photo is that, through all the chaos, the photographer kept shooting! Let this picture serve as a cautionary tale for all couples who think the rustic beauty of an old wooden bridge would make the perfect backdrop for their wedding party shoot: check the weight limit before moving everyone out onto the platform.

King and Queen of Construction Sites

Who says glamour can’t be functional? After reciting their vows, this couple got right to work, literally building a future together. Even the backhoe is festively dressed for the occasion. There’s nothing wrong with a mutual love of heavy machinery. Just try to make the couch match the color scheme a bit more next time.

Marking Her Territory

This bride seems less than enthused by her husband’s pink surprise. Maybe those tight undies would have been better received in the privacy of their honeymoon suite. While the bride hides her eyes in emotional anguish, the older couple next to them seems to be thoroughly enjoying the entire spectacle.

B.Y.O.B. (Buy Your Own Burgers)

Why does everyone expect to get a free meal at wedding receptions? In this economy, newly-established couples often have a hard time feeding themselves. This basketball-loving bride came up with the perfect solution to her wedding budget woes with this simple yet effective venue selection.

Torrential Flows

Sadly, what this young groom thought would be a chic gesture for his new wife turned into a hilarious fail. The expression of shocked dismay on both of their faces speaks volumes about their lack of champagne-opening experience. The bride looks like she is ready to bolt for the exit to escape the fabric-staining flows of liquor.

I’m Not Even Wearing Heels

Every woman dreams of being the center of attention her wedding day. This statuesque bride didn’t have a choice. She towers over her bridesmaids like a giant from the olden times. Her unusual height only serves to highlight the look of newly-wedded bliss on her face.

Wrong Side Buddy!

“I swear it was an honest mistake! She’s your sister. She looks just like you!” The excuses this guy came up with must have been gold. What made him think this was a smart idea?

The Perfect End to the Perfect Day

Some women want to be lavished in luxury on their special day. Others just want some solitude and a bottle of vodka to help them absorb the joy of their momentous occasion. Everybody’s different. This bride has her gloves and boots ready, so she can get right back to her garden after the festivities.

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