2 Cats Approach a Lonely, Baby Monkey – They Teach Him the Meaning of Love and Friendship

Nature never ceases to amaze.  Sometimes, the most unlikely pairings of animals emerge from the animal kingdom.  The latest pairing is between monkey and cat.  Sounds crazy right?

A monkey named Horace lost his mom at a young age in Zimbabwe.  The team at Twala Animal Sanctuary found the lonely monkey and gave him a new home.

Due to the sanctuary’s tiny staff, the team was forced to raise all the different animals together.  They didn’t know what to expect.  What ended up happening amazed them!

Meet Horace the Monkey



Sarah Carter is the founder of the sanctuary.  She reported, Horace’s mother was run over by a car.

The sanctuary was forced to raise Horace with the other animals.



The bonds he formed surprised the team!

Horace loves humans too.



Horace prefers hanging out with the cats and dogs instead of the other monkeys who arrived after him.

At night, Horace likes to play with the cats.



One Big Happy Family

He loves to lounge with the cats.

The sanctuary cares for animals until they can live in the wild.

The sanctuary decided to keep Horace with the other animals who can’t live in the wild.

Horace is now an ambassador for new arrivals.

Horace the Band Leader

Horace is constantly in a cuddle puddle.

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